The Cove Identity Token Sale

End-to-end control of your digital identity and documents

We have delayed the launch of our pre-sale to reconsider our position on ICO regulations. You can read more about it here . We are still taking registrations so register now to qualify for the 40% pre-sale discount



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The pre-sale is now open for registration with up to 40% discounts available to early contributors and upto 20% bonus tokens when you spend over 3 ETH (Ethereum)

Register now for the pre-sale

Cove is the future of personal
identity management

With Cove you can create a secure wallet on your phone to store
digitally-verified copies, as good as the original, of your most important
documents, allowing you to effortlessly and securely verify your identity
online and offline.

Effortlessly digitize, tag and
organize your documents
with scanning and OCR

Securely store your digital
copies on your phone using
the latest encryption

Prove the validity of your
digital copies with multiple
verifications on the cove

Use your wallet full of
verified digital documents
to effortlessly verify your
identity online and offline

The Token Sale

There are 1 Billion Shells (our token name) in total

  • 100 million will be sold during pre-sale, beginning 21 September 2017 Discounts of up to 40% are available during pre-sale
  • 410 million will be sold during the crowd sale, beginning mid October 2017 Shells price US$0.10 each

Why participate in our Token Sale?

Cove addresses a current market need and the app is already up and running in both the android and iOS app stores.
The team leadership has a track record across big tech, fintech, startups and the financial industry, with a team of developers already in place and delivering the product.
Cove has a defined growth strategy as well as monetization strategy.
Hashcove Ltd is registered business in the UK and we will be running a credible, transparent and secure Token Sale.

Team Members

Kunal Nandwani

Co-Founder and CEO


  • 6+ years at uTrade (scaled up startup from idea to Enterprise software business with 80+ team, 50+ financial services clients in 10+ countries)
  • Cofounded Chandigarh Angel Network, built the startup ecosystem in the region
  • 5 years in Investment Banking at Lehman Brothers, Nomura, BNP Paribas in London-UK.
  • PEC Computer Science Engineer (Chandigarh-India), ESSEC MBA (Paris-France)

Jon Bishop

Co-founder and CPMO


  • Jon has over 10+ years of leadership experience in Product and Marketing across several tech firms including eBay, Paypal.
  • He has held senior positions at 5 startups including Funding Circle (a $billion startup)
  • He has proven experience in building, launching , growing and leading startups across many different verticals

Sarvpriye Soni

Co-founder and VP of Tech


  • Developing the Blockchain-based Cove product offering for more than a year
  • 5 years at uTrade, developing and architecting the trading and algo platform.
  • Panjab University Computer Science Engineer (Chandigarh)


David Bailey


  • 14 years experience as a Board of Directors executive (CEO & CFO). Board member of 6 startups.

NC Ramgopal


  • 25 years of government and corporate strategy in Digital ID Technology and security and technology management.

Desigan Chinniah


  • 15+ years of experience in design, product and development across major tech companies including eBay, PayPal and Mozilla.

Gary Nuttall


  • Gary brings 25 years of data intelligence, spending the last few years evangelising Blockchain. He is a founding partner of Team Blockchain, an advisor to Blocksure, is a member of the techUK Distributed Ledger Technology Working Group and runs the London-based ICO Meetup group.

The Pre-Sale

The pre-sale will begin on 21st September at 0700 GMT.

Phase 1

25 million Shells with 40% discount 1 ETH = 5000* Shells

Phase 2

25 million Shells with 30% discount 1 ETH = 4286* Shells

Phase 3

25 million Shells with 20% discount 1 ETH = 3750* Shells

Phase 4

25 million Shells with 10% discount 1 ETH = 3334* Shells

* The Exchange rate has been freezed for 1 ETH = $300 and BTC = $4000.

The minimum contribution amount is 0.3 ETH or 0.025 BTC,any payments done below the specified amount will be rejected for ETH transactions and will be non-refundable for BTC transactions.

Note: The Freezed Price of ETH and BTC are subject to change in case of Huge Fluctuations in the Price of ETH or BTC and will be updated on the website.

* Additionally, upto 20% bonus Shells will be awarded. The bonus table describing this will be announced soon.

* The pre-sale has a minimum cap of 5 million Shells (our token name) and a maximum cap of 100 million Shells.

Transaction Amount Bonus

The more you pay with single transaction — the bigger % bonus Shells you get

  • More than (ETH) Additional Shells
  • 3000 20.00%
  • 2500 18.00%
  • 2000 15.00%
  • 1500 12.00%
  • 1000 10.00%
  • 750 9.00%
  • 500 8.00%
  • More than (ETH) Additional Shells
  • 300 7.50%
  • 200 7.00%
  • 150 6.50%
  • 100 6.00%
  • 75 5.50%
  • 50 5.00%
  • 30 4.50%
  • More than (ETH) Additional Shells
  • 25 4.00%
  • 20 3.50%
  • 15 3.00%
  • 10 2.50%
  • 7 2.00%
  • 5 1.50%
  • 3 1.00%

*Additional bonus Shells will be given at a price of $0.10 USD

*Additional Bonus: The additional bonus is to incentivize higher contributors who contribute more than 3 ETH (or BTC equivalent) per transaction.
Additional bonus will be given as per the above slab, the higher the transactional value, higher will be the additional bonus.

EXAMPLE For instance, if one contributes 600 Ether in a single transaction (falling in 500-750 slab), the bonus percentage would be 8%, that means the contributor will get additional Shells worth 48 ETH priced @ $0.10 USD

The Crowd Sale

The crowd sale round will have up to 410 million Shells
and will be held in October 2017

The terms of the crowdsale will be determined after the pre-sale andin no circumstance will be superior or benefit from the pre-sale terms.

Token Distribution

Fund Allocation

  • June 2016 Cove Research Begins

    Development work, research and testing begins on the Cove concept, encryption and blockchain. Sarvpriye and Kunal start driving the RnD.

  • Jan 2017 Cove Implementation Starts

    Cove Team expands to start building the product

  • May 2017 Incorporation

    Hashcove Limited is registered in the UK and the founding members include CPMO, Jon Bishop.

  • August 2017 MVP launches

    The fully functioning MVP is released in both the Android and iPhone app stores

  • August 2017 Token Sale Announced

    Token Sale and pre-sale are announced to the contributors community

  • September 2017 Pre sale begins on 21st September 2017
  • October 2017 Token Sale completes

    The Cove Token Sale (including crowd sale and pre-sale) will be completed

  • Q1 2018 Improved storage-based features

    UI improvements and new features to make storing and sharing as easy and safe as possible. OCR text recognition, machine learning, web version, biometrics, secure sharing, file search etc

  • Q3 2018 Verification system

    Full suite of verification services, engine and scoring system in place. P2P, agent and organisation verifications will be available

  • Q4 2018 Marketplace

    Request and offer value added services to the Cove Network. Rewarded with Shells, Cove’s token.

  • Q2 2019 B2B Platform

    A suite of services to help organisations join, participate and create value for the Cove Network users.


What are Shells ? What is a token sale ?

Shells will be used within the Cove platform to incentivise community engagement as a micropayment mechanism. Our tokens are called Shells.

Token sale will be the mechanism we use to distribute our Shells among the community.

Token sale will be held in two stages the pre-sale and the crowdsale.

Which blockchain platform will be used to launch the Shells ?

Shells will be created on Ethereum platform. It’s design will follow all Ethereum implementation standards ERC20 and will comply with all compatible wallets.

Why are you doing the pre-sale and when does the pre-sale start ?

We would like to conduct the pre-sale to incentivise the early adopters with discounts, and to invest further in product and marketing scale up for the crowd-sale.

The terms of the crowdsale will be determined after the pre-sale and in no circumstance will be superior or beneficial from the pre-sale terms.

Our pre-sale starts on 21st September, 0700 hours GMT, for maximum of 1 week.

What is the legal status for Token contributions ?

We strongly recommend that all contributing to the Cove pre-sale should seek their own legal advice as compliance may vary, depending on their own status, nationality, the country they are resident / tax resident in, etc.

We believe that our tokens, called Shells, should not be treated as securities and do not need to be registered as a security, because Shells are advanced tokens that shall be used in the Cove platform for variety of services including encrypted storage, convenient sharing and validations. More details are available in our WhitePaper.

Why should I contribute before the crowdsale ? When is the crowdsale likely to start ?

You can purchase the Shells in our pre sale phase, starting 21st September, to avail discounts upto 40% and additional bonus according to the bonus table here

Crowd sale will begin a few days after concluding the pre sale, most likely in October 2017.

Do I have to verify my identity to participate in the pre-sale ? Which contributors are not allowed to participate ?

Yes, for participating in the pre-sale you need to fulfill the following pre-requisites

  1. Verifying your phone number and Email Address
  2. Accepting the Terms and Conditions mandatory for participation
  3. You are not a resident / national of U.S. or China *

  4. * Please note that these terms are subject to change between now and our tokensale, as per the evolving opinions and regulations of different countries.
Which payment methods will be accepted in the pre-sale ?

We will accept payments in ETH & BTC.

Is there any cap on the number of Shells that I can buy ? What is the minimum amount one can contribute ?

There is no cap on the no. of Shells one can buy. Minimum contribution should not be less than 0.3 ETH or 0.025 BTC, any payments done below the specified amount will be rejected for ETH transactions and will be non-refundable for BTC transactions.

Is there a min / max cap on the amount of Shells being offered in the pre-sale ?

Our minimum floor is to offer 5 million Shells and maximum cap is 100 million Shells in the pre-sale

Do you have a bounty programme ?

Yes we do have a bounty programme. To participate and for more details click here

What is your Referral program and how can I participate ?

Our referral program aims to incentivize participants who refer contributors to the Cove identity Pre-Sale. To participate and for more details click here

Will there be any lockup for the Shells retained by the team ?

There will be 20% of the Shells which will be locked for 2 years and retained for the team, they shall be released in stages as required after the end of 2 years from date of the crowdsale.

Where will the Shells be stored ?

After the crowdsale concludes, Shells will be sent to the receiving address provided by the contributor.

When will the Shells be issued ?

For ETH contributors Shells will be issed once the transaction is confirmed by the Ethereum network. It will take upto 1 week to distribute Shells to the BTC contributors.

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